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Friday, August 21, 2015

Another [Lost] Day

I had just started to work in here yesterday, and then mom stopped by. Need I say more? She and I have a tendency to get lost in other projects, conversation, coffee, and the need to run around. I know the long arm noise bothers her ears and so I try not to work on DW when she's here. It's pretty rude of me to just sit and sew in front of her since sewing is one of her least favorite things to do in the world, so nothing was accomplished (again) yesterday.

But, I did get some work done on Wednesday before and after class.

This was before.

Some of the Cheerios quilting
And this was after.

One of our three blocks this month

The other two 
I have the first block totally complete. The other two are only stuck on with fusible and need to be stitched out today. I'll have to add their borders and then they'll be completed. The fusible pieces are drawn and cut for next month, but I still need to stitch out the background sections (and there are a lot of those to finish the year out).

I'll work on Cheerios when I complete my homework, whenever that may be, so high ho, high ho, a quilting I will go.

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