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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time Management

My blogging time will probably be delayed every day we have nice least until the bugs become too overbearing. This morning, right after I ate my frosted mini wheats, I began to haul a few rocks. I'm still trying to build gardens in the shaded section of the garage and after this morning, only need a few more rock trips to finish.

I'm all showered now and the laundry is started, so can consciously work in my studio without having the ole' guilt cloud hanging over my head.

I had to contact iCracked again. My iPad is freaking out thinking I'm touching the screen where I am not touching it. Apparently the gentlemen that helped me earlier this winter is no longer doing iCracked repairs because the number on his card hangs up on me whenever I call it. I have a quote in for another tech to contact me regarding this very frustrating problem. Thankfully I blog in Mac rather then Paddy.

Here's what came off DW yesterday.

Red and White Charity
Before I can load another quilt, I had to dust and clean DW (again) and then press out both the backing and the quilt top. This is some serious seaming!

Lots of seams in this one
Here's what went on DW after the charity quilt came off
Make it My Way
I don't particularly like this quilt; it may end up going to the DeGroot Reunion. I'm still deciding on its purpose, but we'll do a nice job quilting it up regardless.

After setting in the border on the above quilt, long arming was done for the day and I pulled out the BOM for this year...Arcadia Avenue. It felt good to sit down and actually starting piecing again. It's been a week or more since I've been able to just construct something on my machine other then bindings and it was wonderful!

I petered out around 8:00 and since the Arcadia blocks are so big, it takes a while to complete each one. I'll probably finish that out today and save the rest of the blocks for sew-in or camp since all the pieces are nicely cut and separated out well.

We'll do some more long arming today and see where the sunny day takes us as it happens.

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