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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ahh, Basketball

While MSU is fighting for advancement in the final four, I'm making snacks for the game watchers here at the house and settling in at the studio. It's bad luck for our Spartans for me to watch the game, and frankly, I'd rather be here.

My father is one of the watchers in the family room, and I couldn't wait to show him the "mystery" art project I've mentioned here on my blog. He absolutely loved what I made, and since no real quilt productivity occurred since Thursday, thought it would be a great time to show the reveal.

The piece is not quite finished yet, but the idea is shown with the pic below.

My dad during the 1970's
I'll finish it later this spring and present it to him for his birthday in June.

I'm going to long-arm a charity quilt I have on DW right now and then maybe work on another baby charity quilt I picked up Thursday night for my sixth charity quilt for the year. Ahead of schedule (I plan on doing one a month this year), but just in case life gets in the way will be able to keep my goal alive.

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