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Friday, April 24, 2015


This is the 100th quilt DW and I have quilted since he came home a little over a year ago! 100 baby!

Bright White and Color Blocks
A guild member asked me last night how many quilts I do in a week and he about fell over when I said between one and three. I don't think he understands that most of the tops are all completed and I'm just pulling them from my inventory to quilt up (and to practice with). He's a fairly new member who doesn't know my background, and I'll eventually set him straight about how I actually do complete that many in such a short period of time.

And...I HATE TV! TV is stupid. TV rapes us of precious time to do other more meaningful things. Which is also how I get so many quilts done. I don't plan my day around TV. I don't plan my night around it. I only listen to the dumb thing when I'm spending "together" time with Jim in the family room at night and even then, I usually doodle quilting motifs on my iPad or Magnadoodle, read a quilting magazine, bind a quilt, get the picture.

I have a passion. I feel sorry for those who never find one or realize they have one. I eat, sleep, breath my passion because, well, it truly is a passion for me. Which is why I no longer have horses. I'd be out in the barn all the time with the horses. It may be a good idea for Jim and I not to look at lake property because then I'd be out by the water all the time. These are two other passions I carry with me but have no way to exercise them within my current life schema.

But I do have my fabric, my long arm, the sewing machines, a wonderful sunny room, and a drive to wrap people up in warmth; and love.

While I feel sorry for those floundering in life to find purpose; to find meaning; to actually LIVE, I have to remember they are responsible for themselves. Not me. Not you. Them. So while I feel sorry for them, I do not feel responsible for them. I try to share with others just what passion is and to get them thinking about what really matters in life (because all those people on TV just don't matter in my life; they aren't going to change anything I do, and I certainly am not going to change what it is they do either).

I don't want to my headstone to read: Here lies Colette who lived for the show Dr. Who. I would rather have it read something like: Here lies Colette who was passionate about life, not TV.

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