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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Charity Quilts

As our guild builds charity quilts, we are trying something new this year. With each quilt (other then baby/infant size) we would also try to donate a pillow case with the quilt. Fabric is paired up with the respective quilt and then we make the pillow case to match.

Sometimes the matches aren't perfect, but close enough for jazz.

Here is my quilt (on DW of course).

Red and White Blocks Charity

And here is my pillow case.

Charity pillow case...the red stripe is actually red...not pink!
After I completed the pillow case I then had the idea of how the quilting would look within the quilt top. How about this?

Meandering Musical Notes
After I worked on this most of yesterday morning and last night, I filled the time between working on our little art piece we learned Thursday night at guild. I don't have pics yet but will in a week or two (we were not yet instructed how we were going to finish the piece off and apparently it's different then a usual finish normally done). 

Today takes us to Lansing and no studio time will occur today (sad face). 

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