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Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Row

Carol's theme for her row-by-row is butterflies. What a great theme and I had plenty of ideas, which is unusual. I generally struggle to figure out what to do but with this row I had to narrow the playing field down from about six or seven of my ideas.

It took an hour to get it down to two and then my fabric stash and her color theme won out the decision. Oh, and what method I had constructed the other blocks was also a factor. I don't want to do all of my contributions as paper pieced blocks.

The bottom row is how the finished project turned out.

Butterfly Rows
All of yesterday was spent working on this piece. The butterfly bodies and the head are three dimensional and this took some extra time to work in. And, after finishing the row, found I was a half inch short on her row requirements, so I had to set in a border to extend it out a bit.

Hopefully today I can commence with the projects I mentioned on yesterday's post; long arming, pulling papers, assembling blocks. You know, the usual stuff.

We have guild tonight and Carol R. has thrown out a challenge. I already have my idea and can't wait to get it started, but I have to snug up some of these other things first before I can even think about working on anything new.

But just to remind myself, the challenge is themed "Sayings" and it can't be any larger then 24"x36" finished size. Method of completion is totally open and she wants the piece completely finished (not just in "top" mode) by our guild picnic. This one should be really fun!

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