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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I can appreciate the folks at Apple, Inc. for proactivity in bugs and fixes within applications. Yesterday, another update. This one included iPhoto.

Today, while importing what I've done over the past few days, had to read and pay attention to what I was doing because the application has taken on a completely different look.

But we got it and here's what's been up.

This first quilt was made with orphan blocks hanging around here and will probably get donated this fall.

Orphan String Diamonds and Horses
 The next little quilt is what I picked up from guild two weeks ago and will also go to donation.
Peaceful Colors
I just took off the third quilt from DW since blogging last and will grab a pic of that later tonight after I get the binding attached.

Where have I been since last week? Jim and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We spent time together doing errands, enjoying each others company, going to my moms for a celebratory dinner, and coming home to a nearly gone maple tree the boys took down while we were there. We putz around the house, didn't do anything really special, but it was one of the best anniversaries ever because we were together.

Spring pulls me away from the studio too. There is yard work and warmer temps to enjoy before the bugs all come crawling out for the season. I love the two weeks in spring without them before they become unreasonable. If I had my druthers, I would rather have the cold weather then the bugs.

But last night our weekend together came to a close and I was back in the studio finishing the quilt I worked off and on with over the past five or so days.

While I was quilting, something struck me to check. We always talk about just how many quilts I've done so far (my spreadsheet says 98) and we also talk about how many stitches I've put through DW in a little over a year. I checked while I was talking to mom today and can you guess? Drum roll please...

...9.3 million!!!

Here's another tidbit of information. Quilters generally charge by the square inch. The least amount of charge around here (for those who do charge that way) is $.05 per square inch. Now a nickel doesn't sound like a whole lot, but when you do 98 quilts in various sizes it really does add up.

On my spreadsheet I also keep track of the size of each quilt I do (and other useful/useless information). Based on $.05/ and by multiplying out the amount of square inches I have already quilted, I would have spent over $18,000 getting them quilted outside the home. I think DW has just paid for himself!

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