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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Doll Quilt

Aside from working on Make it my Way, about all else completed yesterday was this adorable doll quilt (and pillow).

Doll Quilt
We are using this example to learn how to square a quilt after it's been quilted in a future guild meeting. Meanwhile, I wasn't asked to make a pillow but found a tutorial on how to do so and thought 'What the heck'.

Our neighboring towns' fire department delivers Christmas toys to the children who need them on Christmas Eve. They tour the town in the fire trucks and deliver the toys that way. Several of the children receive dolls and we are making quilts for the dolls this year to assist the lady who usually does them. Mine isn't very big, but I only have one doll around here to use as a model and hopefully this will be big enough for what is needed. If not, I'll use it for my doll.

I did get some Quilt U homework completed. I'm ready for Aprils class and started getting the supplies/instructions in order for the class I'm teaching; I'll continue on with that today. Dale's class may be another story. There are a few supplies on the list I do not have and will need to seek out this weekend...or maybe today if I leave early enough for guild.

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