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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I think my hard drive is starting to crash. I can hear it grinding away back there and the response on my computer is becoming so very slow. I guess since my computer is seven years old, it's probably only fitting.

Here's what I did yesterday.

Scrappy Stars
Today I have class in Portland and was with the window guy this morning prior to having to leave. I'm getting new windows in the studio! I am so, so, so excited!!

I'll be able to open the front windows and get some wonderful spring/summer air in here and the windows behind Mike and Jay will be much less drafty in the winter.

The window guy seemed pretty impressed with my work, took a few business cards, and said he may have me do a portrait piece of the dog they just had put to sleep last week. The dogs name was Ben. We clicked right away and I feel like this will be a commission in the future.

Off to class to fill my brain with more fun things to do on my sewing machine.

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