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Monday, April 20, 2015

Orphan Blocks

This is what we have on DW right now.

Orphan Blocks
These are all the sample blocks I made to decide just how many more I wanted to make, if any at all. Some of them were just "one hit wonders" because they were used in the two magazines I was testing blocks for at the time. Some were samples from classes. They have no color scheme. They have no pattern theme. They just are.

But they needed a home and I thought, 'Self, these are just cluttering up the studio and need a place to settle'. I rounded all the orphans up, worked on the design wall to get them together in some sort of organized chaos and it'll make a wonderful car quilt, or picnic quilt, or lay-around-on-a-Sunday quilt. I'll wash it a couple of times to give it that cuddly feel before letting it loose around here, or there, or wherever.

I have a lot of homework yet to finish for my Stitchers Garden class. We'll start there today. We did our row by row exchange Thursday night, and I should probably dig out Kathy S.'s box and see what's up in that. I pieced a charity quilt on Saturday at sew-in and will have to get that on the frame sometime this week, and Carol R. gave me a cute new pattern called Beach Bovines by Amy Bradley that would look absolutely adorable in this years fair.

It's a rainy, overcast day so what a perfect time to get back in here and do my thing.

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