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Monday, April 27, 2015

"It's Spring, Sir."

With our random warm-ish days, we take advantage of no bugs and sunshine to clean up around the place from the dirt winter brought with it. Leaves that congregate in rock gardens, sticks in piles needing to be moved, garage clutter that has accumulated.

Mom gave me a table she used to have in the kitchen on Baker Street when she was a kid. It's yellow metal with the stainless steel-looking legs and while not particularly attractive, it is solid. I cleaned that up yesterday from the grain bin and mouse dropping stink it carried and we put it here in the studio for my new cutting table. It's a little smaller then the "temporary" table I was using, but the table has a drawer for my rotary cutters and smaller rulers.

Despite it being Sunday yesterday, no small projects were completed in here; just larger ones outside I'm afraid.

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