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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Days

You'll see why in a minute why it took me three days to do my row. It's actually pretty awesome (and I don't usually rant about my own work).

I did not do any of the stitching yet. I'm going to ask Cathy about that tonight to see if she would prefer any at all, or just minimalist stitching to keep the pieces down until she can get to it.

Mine, of course, is the top row.

Cathy S. Row by Row (missing a row though)
This is what my planning and extension tables looked like while I was working on this piece. It looked worse in person (which is why I captured a pic of it)

Do you want to see the Orphan Block quilt? I think it turned out pretty cute and Lily has already claimed it as hers today during lunch.

Orphan Blocks
And finally, DW already has some new and colorful attire. Behold!

Bright White and Colorful Blocks
It's been a pretty productive few days. Tomorrow I have some calls I need to make, some cleaning I need to do, and some cooking I should tackle, but it was fun enjoying it in here for a couple of days without the outside world running interference. 

Guild tonight and then the weekend has me off and running (again). I'll be able to slip in here between all the other stuff, but it'll be hit and miss on what it is I actually do get done...if anything?!?

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