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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Guild Row by Row

I don't think people realize just how much thought goes into creating something that seemingly looks simple.

Take my guild row by row for instance. When I opened the box, this is what I was given to work with. There is actually one row missing from a previous recipient but look at all the work in these three rows alone. With all that work, one had to think up what to do in each of these designs, so imagine the brain power in this so far!

Kathy S. Row by Row
Two of the rows given are very detailed and very busy. This tells me I have to find a happy medium between busy and not-so-busy and within the same color frame/theme.

Yesterday, I started out with my broad search. This includes Google Images, Pinterest, quilting blogs, magazine web sites, my collection of books and magazines, and YouTube.

After narrowing down to about a dozen ideas, I then had to search out the resources in which to build the row. Unfortunately, everything I was coming up with was either too simplistic or too busy (again); or even too small. I sure wish I knew how to draw!

I walked away and long armed for the remainder of the afternoon because I wasn't coming up with any ideas.

Jim came home and I started asking his advice on what I could do. Unfortunately, he wasn't any more help then the other resources.

After puttering around some more in here and taking care of my days' supplies, it hit me. I had a book I was working on in January way up high, out of the way and not with all my other books (unusual, I know). It was stashed with some of my batik fabrics because that's what's used in these patterns.

Ha! Let's take a look!
My row inspiration
It appears there are three blocks/ideas in here I would like to use for Kathy's row. I try to locate suitable fabric (that was tough actually) and design the background to set the appliqué pieces on.

While all of this is a physical process, there is still thought in each of these steps to ensure correct order and placement in and around each of the units. It took one whole day to come up with an idea, and it'll take another day to build the background and start making individual pieces. Let's see how long it takes to get the whole row done.

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