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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zen Place

After the string quilt was completed, and after my company left, Vicki's quilt was loaded. It took a while longer then usual to load (customer quilts get a lot of TLC), and I started to then design what I was going to put into the quilt.

Vicki's Quilt
Wendy suggested Press n' Seal to use to mark the quilt out. We picked some up last Sunday at the store and I tried it yesterday but didn't like how it was behaving. I don't want to mark this quilt in any way with chalk or pens because it's not mine to mark up.

Next option. I tried to find my graph paper (why is this stuff always so allusive when you need it?), and instead only found my tracing paper. I roughly gridded that out and then drew what I wanted to put into the quilt onto that. I think we have a winner. Next: Muscle memory.

I'll trace the design out a dozen or so times to get the movements into my head before laying down the thread. The last thing I want to do is pick out a whole motif because I failed to plan.

By this time it was starting to get dark outside, Jim was in for the night, and I knew once I began quilting I wouldn't want to stop. You know, it's that zen place you get into while doing something you really, really enjoy.

I opted to shut DW down for the night so I could solely focus on the quilting today. While scooting around DW and putting him to bed for the evening, I noticed that the situation below was getting way out of control!

Messy, messy, messy!
Thankfully, I kind of knew it was getting bad and picked this pattern up while in Arizona at the Three Dudes Quilt Shop.

My next quilt project
Mom wants a small (36" x 48") lap quilt to put around her when she's reading at night. I think I can modify this pattern to her specifications by reorganizing the placement of some of the blocks. It should chew through some of that mess above and I don't have to be particularly fussy about what I'm putting where within the blocks.

Once I get her quilt done, I can continue on with more blocks to eventually get into a full size quilt as the pattern suggests. It's not like I'm lacking any scraps here and perhaps the little cabinet/shelves above will stop throwing up fabric all over the floor by the time I've finished.

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  1. I tried the Press n Seal, too.... didn't like it - can't remember exactly why but I think it was because it was a PIA to get the tiny pieces out after quilting.