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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Let it be known I love to do charity quilts. Really, I do! I know somebody will receive this quilt I'm making and wrap themselves up in warmth and love, and maybe hope.

The second firemen's quilt is off the frame, folded, and ready to go to Peggy for the binding on Thursday.

While working the last two borders I noticed this...

Some kind of stain or something
I did not need to iron this top prior to putting it on DW so this discoloration was not me.

Then after I rolled the top to get the last border completed, this is what I discovered...

Cutting it too close
The blue fabric on top is the last border. The blue-ish color on the bottom is the backing. Anything wrong here?

This seems to be a theme amongst these charity quilts. Something is usually a bit off about some aspect of their construction. I feel like I don't know how many more of these I really want to tackle. The frustration of having to un-load, re-load by pinning, and then still not getting close enough makes me wonder if doing this for free is worth the headaches anymore. Hmmm??

At any case, the quilt is done and I'm moving along. This is what we dressed DW with yesterday afternoon.

Cute Baby Quilt
This is one of the UFO's I purchased a few weeks ago at the guild auction. I had only intended to load this and move on but I actually started the quilting too. This should be done later today.

I began putting the Friendship Stars together after the baby quilt, but I guess I was a little tired. While the window guys were here setting up for the family room replacements, I ended up sitting there ripping out the first row while listening to them because it just wasn't fitting together with the second row.

I forgot to square up the first row blocks and thought I could muddle my way through, but it just wasn't working out. I hope to get those blocks together today and then can start planning for any borders I might want to incorporate into the top.

Lots to do today and have beautiful weather to do it in. Loving my quilting life!

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