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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chilly Morning with no Heat

Jim lit the furnace on Monday night. Apparently the pilot light went out sometime yesterday (he didn't make it home last night) and the house is rather cold this morning with temps last night in the very low 40's.

Yesterday I long armed another two rows on Ugly Blocks. After lunch I did another (really intense) Sugar Block BOM and it seemed to take a very long time. After I took it off Mike I realized I did some serious quilting in that particular block.

I didn't want to quilt anymore. Time to place blocks on the new and improved design wall. Here is setting #1 on the Friendship Star top. I don't know if I like this "arranged" setting or whether I would rather have these blocks more random. I'll move it around again later to see if I like random better.

Friendship Star Setting #1
That didn't take very long to work on and I felt like making something. I pulled out Arcadia Avenue BOM for October (since we're just on its cusp) and actually completed it before closing up the studio for the night. This one is called Starburst.

I'll long arm this morning to keep me moving and to keep me a little warm. It's time to get all the fall wallhangings out and trim up the house for the autumn season and running up and down the stairs will help too. I think I'll run in early today and stitch with the girls at The Hen House like I did last week. It was fun and if Jim doesn't make it home to re-light that furnace, it'll probably be warmer there anyway.

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