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Monday, October 12, 2015

Late Start

I decided last night I needed some new clothes for the Arizona trip. I have been looking in a few stores here and there and quite frankly, am disappointed in both the quality as well as the price of clothing nowadays.

When did a simple top hike to $40? Do you have any idea how much fabric I can buy for $40? When did jeans near $60 a pair? I don't think so!

There is a wonderful, clean, and not to mention huge consignment shop in Okemos called Kellie's Consignments. She has decent prices, always has some kind of markdown gimmick going on, and I always find at least a few things there. Currently, she's batting a 1,000 with me because I walked out with 12 tops/blouses for $37 total thank you very much! Most of these tops have name brand names on them like Coldwater Creek, Talbots, or Christopher Banks. Stuff that Kohls!

Enough of my ranting. While we were out and about, Jim and I needed to return my birthday present back to Gall Sewing. All the boys went together and purchased me a very high end steam iron for the studio. Unfortunately, the iron is more suited for somebody who owns a dry cleaners or who makes clothing rather then intricately pieced quilt blocks.

The other iron Gall offers Cindy didn't recommend for my use. Apparently it's shut off feature is rather bothersome and it doesn't get all that hot (according to the Amazon reviews). We exchanged the iron the boys bought for a couple of things.

I have a new conversation kit for my long arm which will give me open-toe quilting capabilities as well as the option of purchasing additional feet like couching or appliqué feet for speciality quilting. Since I'm now finishing a very intense appliqué quilt, the appliqué foot would certainly come in handy. I also purchased a new oiler for DW since I stepped on his and basically squished it flat.

Now that we're home, Jim is off to get his trailer and my new tops are in the washer, I can get back to work in here. Here's what I did yesterday in the studio!

80 Blocks
(80) 5 1/2" blocks stitched 3/4" from the marked center. That pile on the right in the sun is the 40 white blocks.

Block closeup
After stitching, misting, drying, misting again (for those who didn't want to give up their marks) and pressing them out, I'll be trimming them down today to 4 1/2" and putting them together to make up the fourth border in my Stitcher's Garden. Just keep trimming, just keep trimming...

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