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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mission Accomplished

I wanted to get this quilt done before leaving for Arizona tomorrow. I really didn't think I would reach my goal, but hurray, the top is complete!

Here are the five borders in their entirety.

All five borders

A close-up of the painstaking stitching in border four
Here is the completed Stitcher's Garden top hanging for us to enjoy before my departure.

Stitcher's Garden utilizing the brights color way
Not sure what's going on there on the left. Okay, I just checked, it's just the way it's hanging on the design wall. Whew!

I've already started packing today and it seems I'm short on luggage amenities. Another rant: I hate plastic bags. They are horrible for the environment, they make an annoying crinkling sound, and they smell funny (at least to me they do). Jim's mom packs everything in plastic bags. I make my own reusable, environmentally friendly bags to put stuff in.

I need two bags today: One for all my personal hygiene stuff (deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, etc.), and one for my electronic chords. I was going to make zippered pouches but I think instead I'll make drawstring bags. They sound like more fun to make.

I hope to slip a little long-arming in there to satisfy that craving and continue to gather items I want to take along with me as my day moves along.

And, unless I whip out something quick tomorrow morning, this may be my last post for about 10 days. I might get a few words in here and there if time/resources exist, but quite honestly, between our Arizona trip and my Sue Patton classes, I don't think much is actually going to happen in the studio for a while, which is very sad.


Happy Fall Ya'll!

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