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Thursday, October 29, 2015


The least thing I like to do is contact a customer about their quilt because of a hitch in the quilting process.

Not good!
That plastic thing in the bottom right hand corner of the pic is the end of the backing fabric.

Again, the bottom right hand corner is the problem. I still have that much quilt left and not enough backing fabric (you have to look real hard but there's a wide border past the last row of blocks).

After I contacted Vicki, I checked myself to make sure I didn't have a "whoops" moment when loading the quilt. Even if I had turned the quilt 90 degrees, the backing still would have been short by about 2" and that doesn't include my extra 8 inches for mounting onto the frame.

Thankfully Vicki got the backing at The Hen House and can get more. I'll unload it tomorrow once she gets me the fabric at guild tonight and add the new backing on to the existing one for her.

Since this was discovered late yesterday morning, I had the rest of the day to make blocks for my new project.

Here's the mess I'm making while constructing the blocks.

This drives me nuts!
But the blocks are so darn cool (if you like the scrappy look that is).

Mumbo Jumbo Block
I figured I would need about 16 blocks total for mom's birthday lap quilt. It'll be a bit wider and a little too short so I'll add an uneven border around it to make sure we nearly hit her goal measurement. The blocks are made of random width strips so it should look alright I would think.

When I closed up the studio last night I was at 14 blocks. Since I can't long arm today (sad face) I'll work on this for today. I don't think this should take me all day (although, you never know what kind of interruptions I'll have), and since we are nearing the end of the month, maybe I'll start my November Arcadia Avenue next (happy face).