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Friday, October 2, 2015

UFO Reduction

Yesterday, after long arming for a while and completing this block on Mike, I decided some UFO projects needed to come off the floor. No more messing around with these projects...let's just git 'er done!
Quilt as you Go

Project #1, which has been in the works, is the Friendship Star blocks. Project #2 was the Chevron top already finished. Project #3 was ????

It was a bag full of bags and instructions and fabric. What the???

Here's what I pulled out of the bag(s) in paper alone.

Most were dated 2008
Since these patterns instructed me to finish these blocks using templates; simple blocks with HST and the like, I decided to scrap the paper, file the fabric, and move on.

Project #4. It's the last floor piece and this is how it came.

Cute Baby Quilt Kit
It seemed innocent enough to begin with, but I've been deceived in the past. Some of the instructions were a bit cryptic, but I read ahead and then back tracked to find my answers to the variety of questions I had. 

Here's the finished top.
Giraffe and Bluebirds
The back even came with the kit, it's all put together and was supposed to go on the frame next. BUT, Peggy's long arm is currently under the weather and she was asked to do the last firemen's quilt. 

I moved my Friendship Star blocks around and I think I like this arrangement better.

Random Arrangement for Friendship Stars
I have to get ugly blocks done! It's been on the frame long enough and it's time to move along. 

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