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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting Ready

I thought mom would be over here sooner then later today, but it turns out, she didn't get back from her Martha's Vineyard trip until late last night. She'll be here around noon and then on to Detroit.

Meanwhile, I'm taking this time to make more hexagon material for our very long four hour plane trip. It's so hard for me to sit still that long and not do anything. I usually read for part of it and work on hexagons the other part. If mom is rather chatty, I'll just whip out another hundred hexagons or so.

I decided to make the zipper pouches after all yesterday. Here they are.

Zipper Pouches
This was my first time making this particular pattern. It was another free class from Craftsy I had enrolled in quite a while ago. So far, this is my favorite! The little tabs on the left side are the same material as the lining inside! These would make wonderful quilt fairy gifts, wouldn't they?

DW has a new foot! I gave it a test run yesterday and OMG! What a difference!!!!

I'll just have to make sure I keep mindful when getting close to any edges. I could see that foot getting caught in the edge fabric and causing all sorts of issues.

He seems to be running smoother too?!? While the foot was being exchanged, the bobbin case area was thoroughly cleaned and Jim raised the foot up just a tad because we felt like it was dragging before. Wow, I still can't believe how smooth he's running now!

New Foot for DW
Well, it's on to our trip. Have a wonderful week and weekend. Enjoy the autumn colors and Go Green! Go White!

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