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Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello Blog!

Studies have been done for habit formation. It takes "x" amount of days (I don't know the amount of days it is) to form a habit. I wonder how many days it takes to get out of the habit formed? It's been nearly two weeks since my last blog and I seem to still be in the habit of this morning ritual. Gladly.

Arizona was fun. Long arm classes were more fun. But, it's good to be home! I have no desire to travel afar again for quite some time. It seems airports are nothing more then people calls (cattle on two legs) and it takes me away from what I love to do on a daily basis.

Between the classes and unpacking, I was able to complete this little chevron quilt on DW.

Bright Chevrons
This was my first completed UFO quilt from the auction. Oddly, when the brown bag reveal happened Thursday night, I received a chevron block back from Heather. I think we may make a pillow out of it and add the two together. They aren't quite the same, but I think they'll work.

Yesterday, after the kids left and the dust settled from the week/weekends events, I worked on my next year's 1st Stitcher's Garden block. This is about all I have done.

Neutral Stitcher's Garden First Block
I have to put the borders on yet and then prepare for block two (since I'm already a month behind). Class isn't until Nov. 12th, but I want to get this off my to-do list.

Thursday at guild I was given a string quilt to quilt for MJ. After attending classes last week, I won't be doing a typical meander in it, although I haven't a clue what exactly I'm going to do. It's on DW at any case.

Vicki gave me another quilt to do for her as well. Wendy and I designed a tree with falling leaves and some squirrels. I picked up some Press and Seal to use to get the design on the top so I have some idea where I'm going with it while it's being quilted.

Fall is upon us. The colors are beautiful out my studio window and I must take advantage of this wonderful day in here! Glad to be back! Glad to be in my favorite place!

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