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Friday, October 9, 2015

Gloomy Day

I'm one of those weird people who love gloomy days. While residing in Arizona, I longed for days like today where the sun wasn't going to shine and the rain was a constant bother. It must be a Michigan thing?

After applying the first border to the Friendship Star quilt yesterday I decided nothing in my stash was going to work for the second border I have in mind. I need to go shopping.

After getting ready to put that away for the day I noticed this next to it.

Iron Puddle
Thankfully this puddle isn't due to something large like a leaky roof. It's just the iron (again) peeing all over the place (again). Good thing my birthday is coming up. I think I know what I'm going to target this year.

Cute Baby Quilt is complete. I needed something cute after Ugly Blocks.

Cute Baby Quilt
DW wasn't naked for long. Here's what he'll be wearing for a few days.

Colorful Chevrons
Since it's Friday and I have the whole day free with no errands or visitors expected, I'll try to start my Stitcher's Garden completion. That's why that quilt above will be on DW for a few days. I want to get a bit more serious into the Stitchers Garden completion because...

...I signed up for another year of classes doing the neutral color way this time. It's a long story after some phone conversations yesterday, but I'll be traveling to Portland again for another year to create another set of Stitcher's Garden blocks and quilt. The first one was more of practice round and now I'll really get serious during the next go-around. So excited!

And, I have to start winding down in here to get ready for my trip to AZ next week. I haven't started packing and/or made plans where it is mom and I will be going. Jim and I will work on the logistics over the weekend for sight seeing plans and I'll start to pack between birthday stuff. Happy Friday!

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