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Saturday, October 10, 2015


My birthday isn't until Wednesday but I'll be on the road with mom headed to Arizona. We're celebrating today, beginning with lunch at the Olivet Garden, with the kids (minus the Ohio group).

Having said that, I won't be around much until later today and wanted to share what I did yesterday.

Laying out Stitcher's Garden
Getting the pieces in some sort of semblance was the first order of business. As I look at this pic I realize it's actually sideways but this is an idea of what I'm working with today.

Center Section
This is the middle of the quilt for which I'll build the rest of the pieces around.

After struggling with all the weight and gentle handling of each block, I finally had the center of the top done a little after 5 pm last night. I started in on the borders.

There are five borders to this quilt. I still don't understand how it takes so darn long to set borders into a quilt. I spent the remainder of the evening getting the first set on and beginning the second set.

Getting the second set started
This is where I left off after around 8:00. This is where I'll come into later this evening when we return home from Lansing.

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