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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Yesterday afternoon I really started feeling like doody. Stuffy nose, lethargic, sore throat, swollen glands. I decided I'd been going too fast since my return from Arizona, and I was going fast there too. I basically closed up shop early.

I did get much accomplished yesterday though before feeling all oogy. Andrew's t-shirts are all interfaced and prepped for sashing strips.

Vicki's quilt was pulled off the long arm, measured, cut and attached additional backing, remounted onto the frame and is now quilted (this is how a quilt should look when you reach the end row/border) and trimmed.

The real way to end a quilt with the backing
Bill and Betsy's lap quilt is quilted, trimmed, and the binding is attached for them. It's an odd shaped thing so attaching the binding was weird. I had to watch a video to remind me how to do angles larger then 90 degrees.

Charity Lap Quilt for Bill and Betsy
I pulled Gloria's charity quilt out and pressed and attached the backing before I started not feeling very well. Hopefully I'll continue with getting it on DW before Jim gets home from work today.

I noticed in the bathroom this morning there is a space next to my sink that needs a little something put there. After thinking about it I came up with something and maybe if I have time today, I'll get it planned out and drawn up for small project Sunday.

I think we have to run errands this afternoon which will take me out of here for the remainder of at least most of the day. But, if we do have to run errands, Bonnie has released her fabric requirements/colors for this years mystery quilt! I'll pick up my paint chips and start planning with my stash.

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