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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Friends

I attended a class a while back with a renowned quilter named Paul Reid. A lady by the name of Darlene attended that same class with me and we hit it off right from the start.

She was in the area this week and asked if I would like some company. Heck yes! Needless to say, our day and a half together went entirely too fast. We exchanged patterns, information, tears, laughs, and food together. What a great start to this week!

I did manage to get some things accomplished despite the visit.
First Stitcher's Garden block for Stitcher's Garden #2
This is what was on DW yesterday morning.

MJ's String Quilt for SIREN
Guess what Darlene and I finished today?

Ready to go back to MJ for binding
Here's a little something people don't consider when asking for long-arming services: All the little threads that peek out between the seams that have to be removed. A conscious long arm quilter will remove all of these. My friend didn't know it was that big of a problem until she assisted me in some of the removal process.

Thread Peekers
I can pick on this particular block as a thread seeker offender because it's one of the blocks I contributed.

Darlene has now left and I am once again all alone. I have another quilt to load and start so I'll be doing that the rest of the day.

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  1. Sue said that batting & backing need to be the same size AND be FOUR inches larger than the quilt top on ALL sides. She also demo'ed on how to load everything onto the frame... I did pay attention, even though all of it might not work for Mo'e and me.
    Mo'e is still sitting with batting & backing on him and waiting for me to reload the San Antonio Star top... have other things I want to get finished first.