Family and Chaos

Whenever the boys come home, it seems like chaos ensues. They are loud. They laugh (A LOT). And, they are boys after all; messes seem to follow them everywhere they go.

Andrew, Laura, and Tristan came Friday night. Ben and Alisha followed shortly after they arrived. Caleb came later Saturday and on Saturday night, we had the whole fam here. It was awesome!

But, then Monday arrives. They have all departed and the house returns to quietness. Odd, how when they are here, I long for a quiet day in the studio, but then when they leave, I can't wait for them all to return again in a month for the same rigorous weekend.

This is what I did prior to everybody showing up Friday night.

This is the Craftsy BOM and this is October's blocks. I can't say enough about how beautiful this quilt is going to be once we near the completion of it.

I also did one Sugar Block BOM but the pic didn't turn out.

When we returned yesterday evening from taking the little kid back to college, this was on my doorstep.

Firemen's Quilt Pieces
I actually expected this on Friday sometime, but apparently it wasn't to be. I couldn't have worked on it much this weekend anyway with all the goings-on around here.

I'll slip this under DW today since Ugly Blocks is now finished (at least the quilting is...I still need to attach the binding today). I may start putting the Friendship Stars together while Jim is fetching his trailer later on, but for now it looks like just a long-arm and quilting type of day.


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