Visitor Day

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you could really accomplish a lot, and then people keep dropping by?

Yesterday was one of those days. Since we have so many friends and relatives in the area, it's great to know people feel comfortable enough to just pop in and share a cup of coffee or find out what the latest neighborhood gossip is all about.

I feel bad when people say to me, "We were just by your house and should have stopped by." Well, why didn't you? Do I smell? Did I do something wrong? Is my home unwelcome to you and if it is, how can I make it more welcome?

I did manage to get the cute baby quilt quilted, and I did manage to get the Friendship Star blocks assembled. I'll work on the borders for that today. I want to keep the baby quilt on the frame until I get those borders sorted out. Too many large projects on the pressing table is not good.

Here's the first border I've chosen.

First Border
I have to audition fabrics for the second border. I knew I wanted red in the first to mimic some of the center of the blocks within the top. But, this is a really dark red laced with black. My initial intention of putting black on the second border may be changed. I'm thinking a black with a hint of white may work better. Isn't being creative fun?

If all stays quiet today (and so far that doesn't seem to be the case actually), I'll be able to complete the cute baby quilt after getting these borders attached.


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