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Friday, October 30, 2015

97 X. BAM. The Future of Rock and Roll.

I love the movie Rainman. Not so much for the story line or all the vulgar language Tom Cruise seems to use throughout the movie, but more for the lines within the movie so appropriate for everyday life.

Today's line is to remind me to just crank up the tunes, enjoy my jobbie, and dig in with gusto.

Because I couldn't long arm yesterday, I did get mom's quilt top finished.

Mumbo Jumbo Lap Quilt for Mom
I'll get it on the long arm later next week.

From there I started pulling all the charity quilts out of the closet and got all their labels put on. Here's the ten that went last night.

2015 Charity Quilt Donations
I still had some time left before I had to leave. Since the big kid doesn't read my blog I can divulge what I started next. Any guesses?

Andrew's Christmas Quilt in the works.
I got through about half of the t-shirt pile before I needed to pack up and leave.

While talking with Carol R. prior to our meeting beginning, Bill and Betsy approached me about quilting a lap quilt for the VA for them, to include putting on the binding. Caroline brought over the extra backing fabric for Vicki's quilt, and after returning to my "designated" corner, Gloria asked if I would be interested in doing a charity quilt for her. I nearly walked out with as many bags coming back home as I did entering the building. Happy Face!

What I was talking with Carol R. about was how Sue Patten quilted her quilts to death yet they didn't feel like a board with stiffness. Carol thought it was the batting she put in that gave it this wonderful flexibility. I checked my notes this morning and what I inserted into her handouts was the following:

A longer stitch length will result in a softer quilts...even if you "quilt it to death". 

Another note I had inserted was ...avoid hitting lines twice which keeps all the stitches evenly textured. 

I need to get my scanner working so I can get the Saturday morning notes to Carol, but that may not happen today since I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed in here. I'm running to Meijer sometime this weekend and I'll pick up printer cartridges; this way I can actually print them out and bring them to her instead.

Another dreary day with our weather, so off I go to make some fabric beautiful with thread!

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  1. Ok, now see, I don't remember her saying that about longer stitch lengths make softer quilts. I told you I forget easily :(. ( I still need to stitch and measure to figure out what stitch length I've been using). The two layers of batting will make the quilt 'poofier' - which to me also means softer.

    psst It's CAROLYN, not Caroline :)