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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Twirly quilt is totally quilted. I started on the binding last night, but have Arcadia Avenue BOM sitting all over the sewing desk. I want to finish all of that before I spread my quilt out to bind it.

Given what I just wrote, it's obvious Arcadia did not get done yesterday. I have four more pieces to add to the 12 blocks yet this morning before I can start removing papers and putting the little blocks together to make the big block.

Arcadia Avenue is a paper pieced project. I have heard mutterings from other quilters about how paper piecing is wasteful when it comes to fabric. I have to disagree somewhat.

If one follows the pattern and cuts the pieces as the pattern directs, and then employs the Add-A-Quarter ruler to the mix, about all the waste you have are tiny, little, unusable snippets.

Here's an example.

After 120 pieces 
This is after putting together 120 pieces into the block(s). There are still six more pieces to add, but those are end cuts from the previous pieces and will result in just cotton dust when trimming.

I have about as much waste when I'm making a "traditional" quilt block, and quite honestly, Twirly quilt resulted in far more waste then any quilt I think I've ever made simply because it's all curved pieces.

I try to save as much as I can when I quilt. While I am not a quilt piece fanatic, I will save anything large enough I might think could be useable in a future appliqué or crumb cake quilt project. I usually head towards my little piece stash first and then work my way up the stash as needed.

More paper piecing today. I was told last night I have an executive meeting prior to our regularly schedule guild meeting tonight. Did I mention Carol R. and I are now co-chairing the Activities branch of our guild? Apparently, the previous activities person handed over the baton to us already and so we are attending our first meeting tonight in our new roles. It's kind of exciting actually.

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