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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two, Two, Two Quilts in One

When making this quilt...

Guild BOM 2015
...the instructions directed us to lob off quite a bit from each corner of each section of each block. After making my first block I came to the conclusion there would be a lot of waste unless I was proactive and created sub-blocks out of the cut out corners.

I diligently sewed and saved each of the block cut offs each month and arrived at a rather healthy stack of blocks to make another quilt with.

This is the result.

Waste Remains Quilt
I still have probably a dozen blocks left even after constructing this top, which I can incorporate into either of the backings from either quilt.

While working on the second quilt top from our BOM, I measured, trimmed, soaked, and blocked the whole cloth quilt. Today I'll get the binding attached.

The autumn bug has hit me and the bee in my bonnet tells me some house rearranging needs to be done. Aren't you glad you're not home Caleb? He's my usual rearrangement specialist. I'll figure out what room to tackle after I blog, but I have a few ideas.

Guild is early tonight and I have some errands to do in town before the meeting begins so I'll only get a few hours in here today. I'm still taking advantage of the beautiful weather and washing/drying quilts. The new drying frame is WONDERFUL!

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