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Monday, September 28, 2015

Stuff and Things

Here's the pic I promised of the first two blocks in my new quilt as you go BOM Sugar Block blocks.

Extra Large Pic so quilting detail could be seen
I quilted the second block (on the right) during the football game on Saturday.

Prior to working on these, I started quilting Ugly Blocks quilt. The quilting is actually enhancing the quilt (I'm using a contrasting thread) and this is one of the many motifs I plan on incorporating into the piece.

Ugly Block Quilting
After working on the two projects above, MSU still had 10 minutes to play in the game. I started going through the UFO's I purchased at our auction a few Thursday's ago and found this set of blocks in one of the bags.

Friendship Star Blocks
Somebody started these Friendship Star blocks and I'm going to run with it. There is no pattern, but they are easy enough to figure out. I purchased some additional white at The Hen House after the game to continue on with what I think will be a darling quilt once finished. It's mostly black and white, with a few euchre blocks thrown in for interest. It'll be interesting to see what become of it over the next few weeks.

Much the same today in here as Saturday. Nothing accomplished yesterday as we were in Lansing assisting the middle kid with insulating his attic. We also visited mom out to the farm and found ourselves home later in the evening.

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  1. euchre blocks?????? rofl.... sorry, I know what you meant ( ecru) - it just really hit me funny. At least someone is getting something done. All I've seemed to accomplish over the last two days is naps :(