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Thursday, September 10, 2015


I was up (very) early this morning. Like, before the sun was even shining, which in my world, is just wrong. The house is so peaceful at that time of the day though and I do enjoy getting an early start on whatever my day encompasses.

It's quiet now, but after this evening, things will be different. The little kid is once again going to be home this weekend (which is a surprise) but it's because the big kid family is coming up to celebrate Tristan's first birthday.

With Andrew and Laura comes the rest of the family. Jim's mom will be here tomorrow afternoon, my dad will be here Saturday morning with his girlfriend. My mom will be here around noon (once dad and the girlfriend leave), and then Ben and Alisha may pop in later Saturday to round out the day with MSU vs Oregon on TV.

I don't think I'm going to get much (if anything) done in the studio.

Yesterday I did get the binding on the charity quilt. Here's the binding.

Charity quilt binding
Here is the quilt.

Somebody else's charity quilt
I started to quilt the Christmas Cats and didn't have a hard time finding anything for the border. However, I'm stuck, stuck, stuck on what to quilt in those cats. Any suggestions? I don't want to quilt this piece to death so I'm looking for something rather open. I'm going to put drop snowflakes in all the sashing and I put a meandering ribbon in the border. HELP!

Once I milled around about this conundrum for an hour (or more), I found something else to do. Tristan needed a birthday gift and the last thing the child needs is clothes or toys. Grandma Darlene has that covered. Here's what he'll have at Gpa and Gma's house to play with.

Tristan's Birthday Present
That didn't take too long to make, so I found my pattern for my guild BOM's from last Thursday and started cutting out pieces. Yet another road block and this may be a big one.

Guild BOM last block cutting instructions
I need 16 sets of the setting blocks. I need 64 "E's" and 128 "B's" to complete the blocks. That's the background fabric in the bottom right hand corner. I had enough for the E's, but only had enough to cut 8 (yep, only 8), of the B's. I'm in deep dog dodo because all the other blocks I've handed in have this background fabric. Now what?

I know where the fabric came from (it was some clearance crap from JoAnn's I got about two years ago). What are the chances of them having this around any more? I may have to find something close to it either back at JoAnn's or elsewhere.

The very frustrating thing is that I checked yardage requirements prior to committing to this fabric (because I didn't really like it) and I had more then enough when I started. Did somebody come in here and eat it all or something? WTH?

Since I couldn't complete my BOM, I started getting the Sugar Block blocks prepared for quilt-as-you-go. I have them all layered and will press them as they are getting spray basted prior to quilting on Mike.

I get to play in the studio this morning and early afternoon today. After that I have to run around and pick up food for this weekend, cakes, supplies for next week in the studio, and other varieties of things.

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