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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SPS on Monday

Holiday weekends have a tendency to move regularly scheduled days. Since the little kid was home this weekend, I moved Small Project Sunday to Monday instead.

After taking him back to college yesterday afternoon, I had some hours to kill before Papa got back from work. I started this project (another attempt at making bags) and ended here for the day.

Another bag
Alisha helped me pick out the fabrics for this one and so far, I've only had to rip out two seams.

I'll start today with this project first.

DW is once again without attire. I haven't a clue what I'm going to load next. I need to rustle around in the closet to see what I have backing/top matches for.

I know Amazon Star is ready to go, but quite honestly, I want to wait until after my Sue Patton class(es) in Lake O before starting it. I don't think I really have the hang of using rulers on my table yet and want to see how to streamline this process before proceeding. I'm sure I have a few others I can get on the long arm in there somewhere.

My guild BOM's were given to me on Thursday night. I have a LOT to do and for some reason, I'm not really into getting them started. Maybe I have to sit on them for a few days before the mood strikes my fancy?

Summer is waning yet the temps say otherwise. We've been very warm as of late and it makes me sluggish. As much as I hate the cold, I hate the bugs and heat worse (I've decided). I've also come to the conclusion these temps are a direct result of my lack of enthusiasm in the studio. As the week progresses, so too should the regular autumn weather.

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