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Monday, September 21, 2015

Sew-In and String Blocks

Sew-In on Friday found me completing the four small Stitchers Garden blocks from Wednesday's class. Cross those off my to-do list.

I was planning on beginning the completion of the quilt; putting the blocks together, starting the border work, etc. when I decided there was too many extraneous distractions for me to concentrate on such a task. I put it away for the day.

I had brought my string basket in for Cindy to work on string blocks for the charity quilt(s) for SIREN this year and asked if I could grab the basket back from her to start assisting on those blocks (less concentration needed). "Sure," she replies.

I had three completed before leaving on Friday evening.

Saturday found even more ruckus at the library and certainly not a conducive environment for me to concentrate so working on string blocks once again was the days tasks.

I left at 4:45 with a total of 20 blocks completed (and yes, the papers are all pulled out too).

Nothing (and I mean not a thing) was done in here yesterday. My studio is a MESS! I have UFO purchases everywhere, projects of my own laying around, and still have computer manuals/pieces/parts on the end of my planning/pressing table in trying to get my Mac working again.

This morning I will put the place back together. I will be on and off the phone multiple times with the big kid trying to get Mack to work, and I still have Christmas Cats on DW. When you have a house full of company (third weekend in a row), not much can happen in here, and while I LOVE having the company, it's hard to stay out of my favorite place for this many days (make that weekends) in a row. And, it looks like the coming weekend is going to be about the same way.

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