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Friday, September 25, 2015

RIP Gary

I didn't know you, but you were a friend of my friends.
You sounded warm and kind.
You made them smile.
You brightened part of their week by serving them each Thursday.
RIP Gary because I know my friends will miss you.

Life is so precious isn't it? We take each day for granted and then something like this happens to rattle our cages and wake up our inner selves.

I've had some wake up calls throughout my life and though I don't relish anybody losing another, it reminds me to not take even a minute for granted.

I'm so lucky to have found another passion in my life! Horses and my skates were my "younger" passion, and now I have my fabric, my thread, my quilts, and most of all, my quilting friends. I think when people are lacking a passion, something they truly could not imagine living their day without, things like what happened to Gary happen.

I don't know what Gary was dealing with and don't presume to even understand (because I certainly don't), but perhaps those passions in our life will ease the hurt or the anger or whatever it was life throws our way...I know it does for my sanity anyway.

On a lighter note, my whole cloth is now finished and here it is.

Green and White Whole Cloth (14.5" square)
It was a fun project! I'd like to do another more intricate design, and maybe a little larger next time. Not anytime soon since I have other WIP's to clean out of those shelves, but over the winter sounds like a grand idea!

I found myself in our bedroom yesterday cleaning and rearranging. It took longer then expected and  well worth the effort, but it kept me out of here most of the morning and partly into the afternoon.

Last nights guild meeting brought a NQA judge (Marcia Knopp) to discuss what judges look for when judging at a show. Needless to say, none of my quilts will ever be going to a national show. While perfection is nice and always something to strive for, it doesn't keep the body warm, I don't think it's filled with as much love, and quite honestly, the few minutes of fame you achieve just isn't worth working on for the years it takes to arrive at a winner.

Nope, I'll take my imperfect, finished, filled with love quilts because there are just too many out there yet I want to do, and while I admire the folks to take the time to make these beautiful pieces, that's just  not where my passion lies.

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