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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Something New

I like, no make that love, trying new things. I never really like it after I try it because I'm not good at it, but I persist and continue on. Learning to long arm was like that. I really didn't enjoy it at first. My motifs were jagged and uneven. I was unsteady with the directions I wanted to head making starts and stops all too frequent. But, I persisted. I sewed, and sewed, and sewed some more. I guilt-tripped myself into continuing to sew even after I thought there was no hope.

And then I started feeling more comfortable with the whole process. And of course, as time and continued practice worked its way into my daily life, I started liking the process. Now I love to long arm and am feeling even more confident with every passing stitch.

Yesterday, I looked at a motif, drew it out on my Magna Doodle, and fired up DW. What showed up on the quilt was exactly as I wanted it to look like within the quilt. Now I can open all those long arm books up I have and say, "Hey, this would look great in what I'm quilting," rather then, "While this would look good in the quilt, there's no way in hell I'm going to attempt that!"

Here's what's on DW now.

Twirly Quilt Makes the Long Arm Scene
The other new thing I tried yesterday was a small embroidery project. I've always wanted to have some "quiet" work on hand for when company comes over, or when we go visit. The hexagons are fun to work on in this situation, but sometimes I feel like something different.

Here's my first couple of leaves (and yes, I actually drew the motif onto the fabric myself).

New Skill
YouTube is a wonderful source. After watching a few 2 minute clips I was able to learn how baste my fabric layers together, to hoop my fabric layers, draw my motif, and now backstitching my work. I didn't have the privilege of having somebody in the family teach me embroidery, or even how to sew for that matter. YouTube makes anything possible and I'm forever loving and taking advantage of this amazing resource!

Hot and steamy weather ahead today. I'll long arm as long as it stays cool in the studio (I have all the windows closed to keep out the heat).

Today is also the 1st of the month so BOM's are being released (I wonder when we start the one from the Hen House?). I'm still waiting for my BOM's from Dale since they didn't make it two Thursdays ago, or even last Thursday (apparently mine were forgotten). Maybe this Thursday I'll receive those? Craftsy is today though, and so is Arcadia Avenue and if I can pry myself away from DW, I'll venture there this afternoon.

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