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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ugly Blocks, Ugly Quilt

I'll get to my title in a moment.

Christmas Cats is complete and here it is.

Christmas Cats
I quilted this quilt rather loose because I wanted it to remain snuggly. The border fabric is sparkly and has a bit of stiffness to it and I didn't want to add to this problem with the quilting.

Okay, so ugly blocks. On occasion, while putting quilt blocks together, I think to myself, 'These look so bad' and yet, I know to keep going because collectively, once they are put into a quilt, they all seem to turn out okay.

The quilt now on DW just got worse as construction progressed. I'm not sure why I kept pushing forward with it, but I did. It'll be a nice piece to work on my skills with because the only place this quilt is headed is to the car or the donation pile.

After loading this mistake of a quilt top I moved to Mike and started working yet another WIP from my Sugar Block BOM 20??. I don't remember the year I made these...probably last year. I'm doing these blocks as a quilt as you go format because sometimes I like to just sit and quilt rather then stand.

After working the whole cloth piece, and another quilt as you go done previously, I feel like I can move to the next level of quilting; deciding what quilting needs to be laid down, and how to enhance the block in question with thread. I did my first of 12 blocks last night. It took longer then I thought it would, but it turned out nice and I'll post a pic tomorrow of that.

This morning, after watering the plants and taking my shower, Papa went outside to do something and said, "Hey, there's a package or two out here for you."

Packages Arrive Today
I ordered a new cutting mat and some bobbin thread from Connecting Threads and this was a pleasant surprise for sure! My old Olfa mat was dry rotting and the replacement mat I purchased from JoAnn's two years ago started warping. Connecting Threads had mats on sale and my new one is an Omnigrid already sitting on the cutting table. 

MSU plays at noon today so I get some alone time in the studio. We were supposed to head into Lansing to help the kids insulate their house, but they called late with tickets to today's game and are moving the insulating project to later. Had I not dropped a LOT of coin on some long-arm classes in October yesterday, I would be headed to a quilt show in Birch Run, but I think I need to stay here and just enjoy yet another beautiful autumn day in the studio. 


  1. I don't think that's an ugly quilt....

    1. and I really like your Christmas Cats quilt... are you bringing it to the next meeting ?

  2. I will bring Christmas Cats Thursday!