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Friday, September 4, 2015

Secret Decoder Ring

Now that I have the secret decoder ring and the password (cheesecake, BTW), Carol and I have been inducted into the executive committee of our guild. Actually, Carol has been there before, but I was a EC virgin going into yesterdays meeting.

What fun!

Yesterday resulted in the final completion of my Arcadia Avenue block for September. It didn't go so well, as you'll see from the pic, but I'm not ripping it out (again). This was the best of three attempts and so be it.

September Arcadia Avenue block
After tackling this frustrating project I moved onto the binding for Twirly. I was able to get the first side attached and wasn't able to move around to the front, so I left it for another day. I did do some embroidery work prior to leaving my meeting and it's coming along slowly.

I took the embroidery work with me to our regular guild meeting and one of our members noticed I was doing embroidery. She is such a kind lady and I love her to pieces and she offered some wonderful advice and encouragement for my newfound craft. I'm so glad we have so many talents within our little group!

Today won't see me in the studio until later tonight. The little kid and I have LOTS of errands to run today to prepare for Ben's birthday celebration tomorrow. Since he's home from college for a few days we have some errands to run for him as well, so we'll be off and running for most of the daylight hours at least.

Hastings is one of our stops and I need to stop by Jamie's to see about a ruler and new cutting mat. I'll price her shop to see if she's any better then that dumb JoAnn's I checked earlier last week. I'm starting to really dislike JoAnn's! Just sayin'.

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