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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One Track Mind

I attempted to long arm yesterday. Some days are good long arm days and some not so good. Yesterday was not so good. I recognized this shortly after starting and decided to move on to something else.

Since free motion quilting wasn't working out so well I moved to just piecing those Friendship Star blocks together. Thankfully I picked up a few fat quarters when I was at the Hen House a few days ago because I needed them to continue making blocks.

Here they are, all 50 of them. I was aiming for 49 to do a 7x7 block setting, but then Jim said he'd rather have me do a 6x8 setting making the quilt a little longer then wider. I'll use the spare blocks for the back and the label.

Friendship Star Blocks
I'd like to continue with getting this top together, but my design wall is in the midst of reconstruction. It's currently hanging out in the spare room waiting for adhesion to the insulating board Jim purchased to attach it to. Perhaps when he arrives home from work later today it'll get finished?

I'll be bouncing between the studio and the kitchen today. I'm making gourmet apples and it requires a lot of slow cooker work. Between melting all the caramel, chocolate, and almond bark, I'll pop in here and work on Ugly Block quilt. I hope today goes better then yesterday!

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