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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Uncomfortably Quiet

The family has all left and returned to their homes. The house is very quiet; uncomfortably so. While we don't sit and visit together 100% of the time, just having everybody here with all the noise and activity is such a warm-fuzzy type of time.

Jim returns back to work tomorrow and the quiet will become deafening. This is why Pandora is playing during the week to keep me company. Since we have now crossed into Christmas territory, I'll shift channels from Nora Jones Radio to Holiday music. Perhaps this will keep my sanity in check.

Today is Sunday and I don't have any small project in line for today. I vowed I was going to tackle the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. While the family was here I was actually able to pull up the first clue and it requires 240 HST's! Instead of making them the way I usually do, I think I'm going to use a type of paper-pieced method I learned of from one of the other on-line participants. Katie uses this method also and it seems to yield a more accurate HST then the traditional way.

The color way Bonnie has selected for this year, however, isn't really my fav. I want to change it up and may only do a percentage of her given clue after checking out the block on my QuiltPro program. I'll fiddle with that this morning and see where the day takes me afterwards.

While my father was visiting, I asked if he actually wanted to watch DW do some work and see how it is I get him to drive the machine himself, or how I can drive the machine manually. He had a lot of questions and we actually spent some time in my studio during his visit; which is extremely unusual. Usually, people just casually breeze by the room and give it a cursory glance while heading to their bedroom or the bathrooms. My brother even spent some time in here with me later in the day and that made me feel like the family is finally catching on to what is currently so important in my life. Maybe?

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