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Saturday, November 22, 2014


I love the internet! I am in need of a bag/purse with a long handle for slinging over the many layers of winter clothing Michiganders have to wear this time of year. I don't usually take my purse in shopping with me but this need seems to be changing for me.

I want all my chapsticks, glasses cleaner, money, identification, coupons, etc. with me so when we are at a down time situation, I have something to do.

All my current winter bags have short handles. My favorite beaded jeans purse included. I could purchase a purse for my intended purposes but decided to research what was out there for patterns and ease of completeness for my taste.

I found just the ticket last night on line, and after loading the Socks quilt onto to DW and working on my four string quilt blocks, dug into a rather simple looking pattern for said intention.

I quit last night after getting to the zipper part. The pocket inside the messenger bag has a zipper and at about 9pm, thought I had better wait until I was a bit more rested and refreshed to tackle such a "real" sewing step.

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