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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Messenger Bag

Finally, a picture I can share because I actually completed something.

The inside of the bag
Notice the zippered pocket located inside my bag. I actually made a zipper! This is huge for me since sewing in the conventional sense, just isn't my usual cup of coffee.

Here is the completed exterior of the bag.
The finished Messenger Bag
The original pattern didn't have any shaping on the front flap, so I added one for a little femininity. It'll be a nice bag to shop with over the holiday season.

I started quilting on the Sock quilt yesterday. DW is doing most of the quilting on this one since it will probably be a sale quilt. I attempted to do some free motion something or another on it and it just wasn't working-at all! Unsewing ensued and consumed an hour of my evening.

Another string quilt block was completed last night to add to the three already done. I think the pattern calls for 120 blocks total (I make four at once for a large block, so in reality, I'll need to make 30 of them). If I continue on in my schedule with these, the blocks will be done in a month, right?

Everybody out there in electronic land seems to be in a state of excitement over Bonnie Hunters new mystery quilt, which starts next week. I think I've decided to not use her color scheme (pink, blue, green, yellow, and white) and am going with a more monochromatic scheme of my own.

I'm going to audition each weeks blocks with my QuiltPro program and stick to my studio colors. I should probably get out of my "studio" colors mode, but I have a lot of yellow, red, black, white, and grey in my stash, and frankly, being able to participate fully as all the other quilters out there are just isn't a possibility with Jim still being hurt and unable to work.

Since it's Sunday, and I like to work on small projects today, I'm going to be starting a table runner for a family friend who kindly gave us about 50 rhubarb plants this last spring. It's a thank-you gift to her and her husband who were kind enough to rehome the plants to us for Jim's edible pleasures.

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