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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Did I mention a while back about the Pepperdish class I took? The one where we learn the Judy Niemeyer technique of paper piecing while doing a large table topper project?

The class was in mid-October just before I headed out to Cali to see our new grandson. I hadn't even completed assembling the several small parts before leaving and found the need to drag this project back out again yesterday.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I did do some work on DW and the Sock quilt, and I did do my four (1) string quilt block, but then after lunch, headed straight for the Pepperdish thing.

I say "thing" because what pieces I do have together, aren't fitting together so well. I'm already concerned about it and probably my reason for ignoring it since my return home.

It was time to push up the shirt sleeves and dig in to figure out where I left off, what I needed yet to do, and in what direction I needed to head to get this thing done.

The piece has a lot (and I mean a lot) of curved piecing. I recall the few that were done in the middle of the "thing" which didn't work out so well; and there seemed to be a lot of puckers in the assembly. Then, a lightbulb came on!

One of the classes I took on-line, instructed us to put the smallest piece on the bottom (which is contrary of what we want to do as piecers) before easing the curves together. After trying to piece two of the curves yesterday the "old" way (and again, having some pucker issues), I remembered this little tidbit of information and switched which piece was on top.

Ureka! No puckers are formed!

Yesterday I tackled the smaller curved piecing and today I'll be assembling the largest segments prior to piecing the larger curves together. The middle section, no matter how I arrange it on my design wall, still seems to be skewed at the outset, but maybe after getting it under my machine, it'll straighten out? Cross your fingers.

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