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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let it Snow! Let me Sew!

I was able to head to sew-in on Sunday. The kids were still here, but I stole away for about six hours to "play" with my sewing friends. It felt good to get out and see some of the world beyond my four walls, and I actually caught the kids still here before they left, so it was okay.

I worked on my 3-year old string quilt and got the top pieced together. Once I got it home and pressed out all the seams, I decided it needed a border or two. I attached a stark white thin border around the top and then decided I needed to piece a piano key (or some other scrappy) border around that.

I thought about all of this yesterday and decided on a totally different route. The quilt top is fashioned in a diagonal manner rather then a horizontal/vertical block setting. Braiding the second border with even more strings came to mind and I researched how to do it. Yesterday, I completed two of the braids before quitting for the day, and while the results aren't as "wow" as I expected, it seems better then the vertical/horizontal piano keys would have been.

Today I need to long-arm at least for part of the day. Mom's quilt has been on DW long enough and will head in this direction to start.

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