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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thank-You Gifts

Isn't it great to have friends and family acquaintances who remember comments or wishes when they talk with you? We are truly lucky to have as many of those very people within our circle of life.

Larry and Julie remembered a comment mom made to them about our need for some rhubarb plants. They rehomed about 50 plants and wow, did they ever take off in the garden. They certainly didn't look like first year plants at the end of this growing year.

I like to thank those people who do this kind of stuff for us. Sometimes it takes me a while to get them something because I don't just go out and purchase a thank you trinket. I like to speak to those who are close to those people and get an idea of something useful to them and not just something as a "just something", ya know?

Larry and Julie have a small cabin they get away to and it's decorated in the traditional knotty pine and rustic type of items. We (mom and I) settled upon a nice moose table runner for them and so yesterday, this is what I created.

Table runner for Larry and Julie
Four (1) more string blocks were done yesterday, but no DW work. Too involved in this moose thing I think to fire him up.

I'll have to make it up to him today and get him out of his slumber.

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