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Thursday, November 13, 2014

And Another

I love long arming! Have I ever said that before? I really do love watching the quilt take shape under the hopping foot and how thread and design can change a nice quilt top into a beautifully finished piece.

This particular quilt didn't lend itself into my I-absolutely-love-this-quilt-how-am-I-going-to-part-with-it category; until I quilted it yesterday. Now I have a new love and want to keep it in the collection of quilts given permanent residency within our home.

Batik Blocks
I quilted it farther apart to give it some snuggle-y qualities. The pattern seemed rather fun and yet the batiks gave it a near serious quality. I wanted to bring out the playfulness and kindness of the quilt. It will make somebody (maybe even us) a nice couch quilt to keep warm on those icky, cold winter nights.

The kids are coming out this weekend (opening weekend of deer season) and this requires me to straighten out the spare bedroom. It's amazing how OCD I am about my studio space, but kind of explode in the third bedroom with quilt tops and backing fabric; and finished quilts.

The First Snow has been loaded onto DW in hopes of getting him done either today, or throughout the weekend between kid visits and sew-in activities, so this is one step in cleaning the spare bedroom adventures.

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