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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

(Un)Picking and (Un)Grinning

Some of yesterday was spent doing this...
Picking out stitches
This was a mutual adventure between Susan K. and me. She wanted four Eiffel Towers inserted into the quilt and I only put in two. I'm taking out the swirls that will be in the way of the next two I put into the piece. Picking is never fun and we don't enjoy it, but necessary at times like this.

While I was working on that, DW was stitching out some of her Patriot quilt. As I was working along I found this little spot.

Not my doing!
I took a pic in case she comes back and said it was my issue. CYA I always say.

I struggled with the Patriot quilt for quite a while yesterday because after getting the main body quilted, I had to remove it from the frame, mark it, turn it, and re-insert it onto the frame to work on the opposing borders. I should be able to finish this one out today so we can get those Eiffel Towers put into the other quilt.

I have another project I worked on yesterday as well, but it's too "rough" yet to take pics of. Plus, I'm working from a very poor photograph on the build process and, of course, it's taking a lot longer then I thought it would.

Today is another off work day so I can play some more in here. I have some goals I need to try to reach and to get ready for our upcoming class with Lenore Crawford on Saturday. I've yet to print out my large flower picture and need to address that at some point soon.

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