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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Finishing Touches

Since everybody else is getting their paint chip challenges completed I thought maybe I should get mine completed as well.

It's mostly done...just those finishing touches needing to be addressed. That'll be the first item on todays agenda after getting the BOD done.

Here are last weeks BOD's.

September 28-October 4 
I was downstairs feeding and watering the rabbit this morning and while I was down there, started to take an inventory of our dog bed stuff. I have a LOT of stuffing, but not much in the way of shell materials left.

Somebody suggested I could piece larger pieces together to make enough for a top and back, but really? REALLY? No! I'm a good samaritan and all that, but no, no, no. So, I think I need to head to Hospice or Good Will to find larger pieces for the shells.

DW and I are going to spend some quality time together later today after lunch. I want to focus solely on him and run a few thread types through to see how he behaves. I'm getting low on many of my threads and need to put an order in for some more but before I do I need to see what he prefers. I'm thinking with his new springs, he shouldn't really be all that fussy.

That's about where my day is headed. Tomorrow I have an early work day (5 am-noon) and then off to the library to assist with sorting books for their upcoming book sale. I'll certainly be bushed by the time I get home so my BOD will probably be about all I accomplish in here tomorrow.

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