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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Keeping Track

I hadn't planned on blogging today since I JUST got home from work and the library. But so much was accomplished yesterday I wanted to "report in", if you will.

I started my day with my BOD.

I moved along to my paint chip challenge and it is now officially completed (no pics yet).

From there I started in with DW. I had to remove, adjust, remove again, adjust again the tension assembly because I didn't have it in correctly. I think I may have it just about right. The machine hollers at me when I get to sewing too fast (non-regulated at a greater speed then about 55%), which tells me I don't have the assembly in the exact position it should be in. And, it was being naughty about the tension. I hope we have this all worked out after crawling around underneath it about a gajillion times to check his quilting progress.

I finished quilting out the charity quilt and then went ahead and finished the piece up to include the label. Here it is.

Another charity quilt
After I completed that project, I wandered downstairs to dig deeper into the bags of donated fabric/stuffing for the dog beds and found a few larger pieces to work with. I made six more shells.

I tidied up the studio and then pressed, measured, and loaded Susan K.'s second quilt onto the long arm. This is what DW is wearing now.

Susan's New England Patriots quilt
This was an interesting load. She pieced the backing and I had to get the strip on the back somewhat close to the center of the quilt top. I pinned incrementally up to the top of the quilt to make sure it was pretty close to the center. I hope I did it correctly.

I won't be long arming tonight. It's going to be all I can do to complete my BOD because 4:00 in the morning came very quickly especially when most of the night was spent tossing and turning.

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